Achieve a world class sound on all of your upcoming music projects. Let raw talent with over twenty years of experience shape the sonic landscape of your creative vision.


Experience the subtle touch of perfect EQ balance, wide stereo imaging, and competitive loudness. Feel confident knowing that every sonic detail has been meticulously refined.


Creating a unique vibe for your songs is critical if you want to stand out from other artists. Whether you’re looking for Top 40 or a throwback feel, get the right sound for your music.


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Slavic Livins

Slavic Livins has been in the industry for over two decades – moving seamlessly from engineer to producer and back again – and has collaborated with such talent as Keyshia Cole, R. Kelly, Ministry, Avant, Day 26, Snoop Dog, and Farley “Jackmaster” Funk.

Livins was enrolled in a Music Conservatory in Belarus at a young age. Once in the States his appreciation for music grew into a hunger and a drive to be a part of the music industry. After graduating Columbia College Chicago top of his class with degrees in sound engineering and music/artist management, Livins quickly began moving up the ranks. He turned internships at Battery Studios and Chicago Trax into assistant engineering positions followed by production and head engineering positions. While at Battery Studios he worked on Avant’s first album My Thoughts, which generated the Top 40 hit “Separated” and reached RIAA Platinum status... Read Full Bio